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James Patrick March. pairing: james march x reader He has a complicated relationship with his ex-wife, Elizabeth, The Countess, with whom he hosts monthly dinner arrangements despite believing that it was she who turned him to the police back in the 30s, ultimately culminating in his murder-suicide. Oftentimes, James took great fun in the art of murder, killing his victims in a number of playful, thespian-esque ways (i.e. They will have to make a viable business, lest the building be sold or re-purposed. Marie Laveau | When John Lowe visited the Hotel Cortez in 2010 for a night of drinks, he encountered Donovan, who took it upon himself to invite the detective to "a party upstairs", thereby interrupting March's monthly dinner with Elizabeth. Dinah Stevens | Over absinthe, John and March talked for 2 days, until eventually, John passed out. John enters moments after March immolates the man alive. Mr. Jingles | FX Networks - American Horror Story: All Evan Peters Characters, Ranked by Evilness. Over the course of his century-long search for a successor, he was responsible for molding several of the Hotel Cortez's guests into some of the most infamous killers in American history, including Charles Manson, Richard Ramirez, Jeffery Dahmer, Aileen Wuornos, John Wayne Gacy and the Zodiac Killer. After narrowly escaping Vanya’s apocalypse, Klaus and the rest … Asylum, while I was in love with the entire cast (minus that friggin' danger magnet Lana who NEVER seems to learn from her mistakes, but that's another discussion) that character was Sister Mary Eunice. "Pull the trigger and take her last breath. Moira O'Hara | Nihilistic Serial Killer, Owner of the Hotel Cortez (formerly)Serial killer, GunmanshipSwordsmanshipWealth and connectionsBrilliant intellectCharismaControl over the Addiction DemonGhostly powers. Despite being dead, all the killers at the soirée have received guidance from March during their lives before death. Relationships Hunting wild beasts.Killing and torturing people.Tormenting Elizabeth.Hosting parties with his fellow serial killers. Shelby Miller, Cult March explained it as a discomfort with the modern world, keeping John oblivious of his true nature as a ghost. James still wears his wedding ring from his marriage to. He also went as far as to collect all the bibles from the hotel bed stands and arrange them with a pile of his victims - slaves that were working on the Sabbath - to leave behind for the police; the first killing in the Ten Commandments murders. The only time he can be seen out of his familiar uniform is during his more labor-intensive murders, during which he wears a heavy apron, a pair of gloves, and an elaborate mask - the latter to prevent any victims from seeing his face, the former to avoid chemical burns while in the process of dissolving bodies in acid. Similarly, though he claims to love Elizabeth, their marriage is extremely dysfunctional: his rescue of her is framed more like a kidnapping, and their continued relationship is barely cordial, to the point that March actually calls her a "perverted animal" - right to her face. For good measure, March can be very possessive of things that he considers his, and responds with considerable spite if he believes that his property has been violated. Bloody Face (Dr. Oliver Thredson, Johnny Morgan & Imposters) | He is aware that Elizabeth does not love him, yet in his time alive he brought her wealth and jewels to her heart's content, hopeful that in doing so he could move her and change her feelings about him, to no avail. Hank Foxx | March appears and introduces his new fan to his "Black Closet", a sliding wall that leads into a small space with a big spike. Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. James March est un homme de la haute-société. 2015 is no exception and the guest list is ready. American Horror Story Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. When she leaves, James is heartbroken that he will never see her again, though he appears to be content knowing that Queenie will be able to live the life he previously took away her. On Devil's Night 2022, March, along with John and the other serial killer ghosts, appear to Billie Dean Howard. Charles Montgomery | [4], After John has his run-in with Agnetha and Vendela and they try to kill him, March appears. During a meeting composed of the ghosts of the Cortez, Liz and Iris plead to the spirits to stop killing the guests. However, none could satisfy him; it led to his serial murder addiction. Hobby Read Just My Luck (James Patrick March [AHS] x Reader) [Part 1] from the story Evan Peters Drabbles by DischantedHalos (marshmallowiero) with 4,304 reads. As he later explains, he tried many drugs in his time but none of them ever satisfied him: the only way for him to experience "that good, full feeling" was to murder someone. As flashbacks demonstrate, he wasn't above raping his victims, particularly while in the process of murdering them; given that he didn't reach climax until well after one unfortunate woman was quite clearly dead, he also has a penchant for necrophilia. Countess Elizabeth Johnson | Checking In Chutes and Ladders Mommy Devil's Night Room 33 Flicker The Ten Commandments Killer She Wants Revenge She Gets Revenge Battle Royale Be Our Guest Could It Be... Satan? Her pleas for help prompt him to hold her and invite his compatriot to finish her off. Kill Elizabeth, so that she can spend eternity with him.Prevent any further killings at the hotel (all succeeded). Dell Toledo | Timothy Howard | Join Facebook to connect with James Patrick March and others you may know. He is excited that she wants to have dinner with him a week earlier than usual (They dine together once per month). Larry Harvey | @diedavedie. However, like many ghosts, March's spirit has been marked by the wound that killed him: having killed himself by slitting his own throat, his ghost can be instantly recognized by the gaping wound across his neck, and March generally goes out of his way to hide this distinctive mark with an ascot - particularly while dealing with visitors who aren't aware of the supernatural. There are other such places in the hotel, which James wants Tristan to re-open. Killing and torturing people.Tormenting Elizabeth.Hosting parties with his fellow serial killers. This sense of megalomaniacal ownership extends to his marriage to Elizabeth: upon discovering her relationship with Rudolph Valentino and Natacha Rambova, March had the two vampires kidnapped and imprisoned in a sealed-off wing of the hotel with no chance of escape, and expresses utter glee in observing Elizabeth's horrified reaction when she finally learns of what happened to them almost a century after the fact. The killers all take turns stabbing the man for fun, as Sally walks John away so that the others can enjoy themselves, though March is wary. Aileen Wuornos, Jeffrey Dahmer) and taking great pride in their successes. 118 likes. He is associated with season five of the series, which was billed under the subheading of "Hotel". March (wearing his elaborate mask) holds a contractor captive, chiding him for not keeping to his schedule. March suggests that she murder Drake off property so that they don't keep bumping into each other for all of eternity. If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. James himself states that he started talking in his current manner while mimicking one of his marvelous teachers at Exeter, and that he ended up getting used to speaking that way. The REAL History Behind AMERICAN HORROR STORY: HOTEL’s James March & Actual Serial Killer HH Holmes. [5], March and Hazel prepare his suite for his ex-wife the Countess, his dinner guest. James Patrick March | However, he may have killed up to 250 people. Ally Mayfair-Richards | At the soirée, Mr. March invites John Lowe as well as other famous killers Aileen Wuornos, John Wayne Gacy, the Zodiac Killer, and Jeffrey Dahmer. Beverly Hope, James Patrick March (Evan Peters) American Horror Story David Ian McKendry. Charles Montgomery, Roanoke 8tracks radio. March holds his annual Devil's Night soirée every year on the night before Halloween, an evening where he brings America's greatest serial killers who have ever lived together to celebrate their crimes. She says she may have found love, and he responds, "Surely not for the first time, Mrs. March", as she fell in love with Valentino (but never March, despite their marriage). Hazel reminds him that she has always shown him her loyalty and love, in contrast to the Countess. He went on to muse about John's "jet black aura", which he claimed signified either a cloaked identity or a dogged determination. Harrison Wilton, Managed by: Elyse(Deutscher)Vahjen(c) Last … He stumbled upon some of March's jewelry and cocaine, which he tried to steal it until March appeared. When encountered by Supreme Witch Cordelia Goode, who came to rescue Queenie, March does not attempt to stop her, and encourages Queenie to leave with Cordelia to have another shot at life. All three characters have mental disorders. Unfortunately, Klaus Hargreeves never paid that much attention to history. Dandy Mott | Fiona Goode | He was portrayed by Evan Peters, who also portrayed Tate Langdon in Murder House, and Kai Anderson in Cult. Alicia Spencer, Freak Show He would then have sex with their dead bodies before throwing their remains down a series of chutes that were hidden in each room, which led to a dungeon in the basement that he used to store corpses. James Patrick March, aka Mr. March, is one of the most fascinating characters to come out of American Horror Story.The enigmatic character, played by Evan Peters, was primarily featured in the horror anthology's fifth season, Hotel.Mr. In a matter of moments shortly after, March discussed John's potential as a protege with The Countess, whom he asked for assistance in pushing John "into the abyss" to make him his successor as the Ten Commandments Killer, as to enforce John to carry out the remainder of his unfinished legacy.[1]. Ultimately, his image as the perfect host is upheld even during the worst of March's crimes, and throughout his many acts of murder and torture, he can be seen smiling, laughing and chatting jovially with his victims right up until he kills them. During the events of Devil's Night, when his former colleagues raise their glasses to him in salutation, he is deeply gratified and brought to tears, stating that he could not be happier that their homicides will forever be ingrained in history and pop culture. Moira O'Hara | (September 19, 2020) THANK YOU FOR 300 VOTES!! James Patrick March was born on October 30th, 1895 in the Eastern United States. The doorbell rings, and he leads her in. He states he was going to have to kill God, because as long as there was a God, men like himself would never find peace. He is a millionaire and serial killer, and is directly responsible for the creation of the Hotel Cortez during the 1920s, having built it with the specific intention of using it as a venue for his … Michael Langdon | Occupation Madison Montgomery | View the profiles of people named James Patrick March. Human (formerly) Ghost However, his spirit lingered on in the hotel after his death, intent on finding a successor to continue his work. It can only become a historical landmark in 2026, and they must keep it operating until then. As a product of 1920s new money, James Patrick March is always impeccably dressed in tailored pinstriped suits, often augmented with bowler hats and walking canes - most of which usually conceal a blade of some kind. The Devil | Holmes, an early serial killer in the United States who also designed a hotel in Chicago for the 1893 World's Fair. Papa Legba | Even as a ghost, he still occasionally finds time to indulge his addiction. The Axeman | Appearances KnivesGunmanshipSwordsmanshipWealth and connectionsBrilliant intellectCharismaControl over the Addiction DemonGhostly powers Full Name H.H. Rubber Man | When James asks her to hypnotize John as a means of driving him to insanity, thereby enabling him to continue James's unfinished work as the Ten Commandments Killer, Elizabeth responds, "And why would I help you when it gives me so much joy to see you suffer?" James Patrick March is a fictional character appearing in AHS: Hotel and portrayed by Evan Peters. Ten Commandments Killer | Chester Creb | He continues to show her all the manners of a gentleman, however - offering her drinks, pushing her in her chair, asking her about her days in the world beyond the hotel's confines, and nonchalantly talking about the people they've both killed - in the hopes of earning some semblance of her affection. Coincidentally, both Tate and James were known murderers, as Tate is a mass murderer and March is a serial killer. AHS is a fictional show and all the characters aren't real right? As a psychopath, March's relationships are shallow at best, and often grounded in abuse and manipulation. Richard Ramirez | Manipulate John into continuing his work.Kill Elizabeth, so that she can spend eternity with him.Prevent any further killings at the hotel (all succeeded). 3,303 Shares Tweet. He values Elizabeth more than Miss Evers, his partner in crime, stating to her that while he is delighted by her work as his maid, Elizabeth is a "creature from Heaven" that has far surpassed her in every way. An interesting element of him is his strange accent, reminiscent of the Brahmin accent. I never pretended more than I felt. [6], After John finally has clarity about himself being the Ten Commandments Killer, March is in awe of John's talent for killing. James Patrick March | Ele projetou para esconder e caçar suas vítimas. R. Franklin | He states that he was strongly influenced by his father, a fervently religious man, who sparked in him a profound aversion to the Christian values. He started killing in the 1920s, and in 1925, he built the Hotel Cortez, which opened on August 23 of 1926. Langdon Family | He is a millionaire and serial killer, and is directly responsible for the creation of the Hotel Cortez during the 1920s, having built it with the specific intention of using it as a venue for his murders - as well as a place to dispose of the bodies. Spalding | March makes it clear that Will is not to touch any of the rooms, and Tristan says he'll take care of it.[3]. He is very immaculate of his outward appearance, always wearing pinstripe suits in 30s style. When Tristan Duffy came to the hotel, he found himself on a floor and heard jazz music playing, leading him to March's room. James Patrick March foi um assassino em série que construiu e foi dono do Hotel Cortez no ano de 1920. Bianca Forest | Marie Laveau, 1984 March commends how progressive "blended families" are, and Will says that the Countess loves Lachlan very much. March was so impressed by John that he sent The Countess away in order to spend more quality time with the officer, who commented on how out of place and time March seemed. March materializes and intervenes, stabbing Queenie, killing her. jealousy-(james march x reader) notes:-god i feel so awful that this took so long, i’ve finally finished the entire series (minus roanoke, awaiting that to come to netflix) and i’ve been studying for all of my finals and such, so it’s my apologies. Twisty the Clown, Apocaplypse On February 25, in the early 30s, the police came to the Hotel Cortez to arrest March after receiving an anonymous phone call (from his faithful minion, Miss Evers) assuring them that March was responsible for the first Ten Commandments murders. Penny's Father, Hotel And he is going to try to prove to her that sometimes murder is good. Although Cordelia is unsuccessful, March does the same when Michael Langdon arrives to rescue Queenie, and can be seen sadly recollecting Queenie's cards, knowing that she will not return.[11]. Type of Villain Having been dead since the 1930s, March does not age, firmly cementing the sense of timelessness. Serial killer (formerly) Ten Commandments Killer (formerly) Langdon Family | This is my first story, so please be nice <3 THANK YOU FOR 10K READS!!! Minotaur | James Patrick March is a major antagonist in American Horror Story, serving as one of the two main antagonists (alongside the Countess) of the fifth season, Hotel, and a minor antagonist in the eighth season, Apocalypse. Richard Ramirez | Powers/Skills However, his gift for corruption is most effectively displayed in his interactions with John Lowe, in which he not only appealed to John's deeply-buried rage at the injustices of the world, but also went out of his way to break John's family and spirit just so the detective fully committed himself to the role of a serial killer. {WILL UPDATE AS MUCH AS I CAN. Rita Gayheart | Hazel Evers (partner in crime, victim, indirect killer) Elizabeth (ex-wife, frenemy, in love with) Infantata (possible victim) Charles Montgomery (possible dislike) Bartholomew (son) John Lowe (former pupil, colleague, successor) Aileen Wuornos (former pupil, colleague) Jeffrey Dahmer (former pupil, colleague) John Wayne Gacy (former pupil, colleague) Richard Ramirez (former pupil, colleague) Zodiac Killer (former pupil, colleague) Charles Manson (former pupil, colleague) Tristan Duffy (pupil) Rudolph Valentino (captured victim) Natacha Rambova (captured victim) Ramona Royale (brief acquaintance, murder accomplice in erased timeline) Queenie (victim, friend in erased timeline) Sally McKenna (protégée) Will Drake (dislike) The Addiction Demon (possible servant and/or enemy) Billie Dean Howard (acquaintance) Michael Langdon (acquaintance in erased timeline)

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